Biggest Support of Erasmus for ITU

27 August 2014 - ITUNOVA TTO

Ulusal Ajans announced the grant distribution for 2014-2015 Academic Year Erasmus exchange program. ITU has been given the maximum grant. Consistent and successful Erasmus program implementation has the biggest share in receiving this total of 1 million 100 thousand Euro grant.

ITU is one of the first universities that started to apply Erasmus exchange program. The program has been conducted with success and right planning for 11 years opes the doors of the most elite European universities to the students of ITU. This year the maximum gtant is allocated to ITU as announced by Ulusal Ajans.

Behind this success lies the success of ITU with regards to the criteria taken into account in determining grant amounts. Consistency of the plans and the realized goals of the universities plays an important part in the distribution of the grant amounts. In 2003-2004 Academic Year the pilot application of Erasmus was started and since that first year to this day, goal-realization ratio success is quite high.

Reciprocal acceptance of the courses is just another important success of the program implementation. With the system implemented by ITU,  during 2005-2006 Academic Year, all the courses taken by the students during Erasmus program is counted as semester courses, many universities are trying to achieve that. This way, students do not realize any loss from their normal education period when studying one semester in a European university.

The balance of incoming and outgoing student mobility figures in ITU draws attention too. The number of students sent to Europe is quite high an it also applies to the number of foreign students coming to ITU.   In the 2012-2013 Academic Year 468 students from ITU went to Europe with Erasmus program, 340 students came to ITU. 2013-2014 Academic Year exchange program is still ongoing. ITU has exchange agreements with all Europe except Novay and Iceland. The number of agreements executed is over 900.