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24 April 2015 - ITU GATE

ITU ARI Teknokent offers office, marketing and business development services to all technology entrepreneurs via its newly announced support program in Chicago, one of the world’s technology centers. It also builds a bridge between investors from USA and entrepreneurs from Turkey.

ITU ARI Teknokent, amongst the most advanced technoparks of Turkey, prepares to introduce technology entrepreneurs in Turkey to the international marketplace. Opening an office in Chicago 1871, one of the best incubation centers of the world, ITU ARI Teknokent will support enterprises producing technology in entering  partnerships by spending 1.8 million TL just this year to take them to a global level. This will allow technology enterprises in Turkey to get closer to the US market, and increase the possibility of receiving international investments.

Hard to join, unique in advantages...

Chicago 1871, where ITU ARI Teknokent has opened an office, is the host to incubation centers and business development offices of Northwestern, Chicago and Illınois Universities and the world-famous Techstars alongside the major hardware, nanotechnology, biotechnology and robotics entrepreneurs in the US.  The 4700-square meter Chicago 1871 is known for its characteristic meticulousness in evaluating the institutions it will include in its ecosystem against strict criteria before accepting. The center, establishing long-lasting and solid partnerships with this method, provides good benefits to the institutions it accepts, including trainings, meetings with international investors, mentorship and consultancy, participation in panels and conferences all over the world, and the use of offices and conference rooms. After an evaluation process of almost two years, ITU ARI Teknokent earned the right to operate directly from one of the best entrepreneurship centers in the US with its entrepreneurs.

Making innovative companies global with its investments, ITU ARI Teknokent opened an office in Chicago 1871. Kenan Çolpan, General Director of ITU ARI Teknokent, said “It is difficult to open an office in Chicago 1871. You have to go through various stages before being accepted. We, as ITU ARI Teknokent, completed this long-going process successfully and now we are offering support to Turkish technology entrepreneurs in USA where the competition is fierce but opportunities are unmatched. It is an honor to help the entrepreneurs who will hold our hand to become an international brand from Turkey,” while expressing his delight in being the window to the world for entrepreneurs developing new technologies. 
Planning on continuing their investments abroad and efforts on creating an international brand, ITU ARI Teknokent will open overseas offices in San Francisco, Boston, Berlin and Shanghai soon.