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Enterpreneurs which impacts The Future of Education at Big Bang

26 October 2017 - ITU SEED

Education Focused Enterpreneurs which provide the most fund to the worldwide enterpreneurs rank first three row in Enterpreneurship competition and draw attention with future leading ideas at Big Bang Startup Challenge.

This year, GOM which qualified for the semi-final by overtaking more than 10 thousand application, is competing with, Kartoon3D ve Ordinap for taking a share from investments and grants worth over 5 million TL.

This Enterpreneurs are expected to create awareness in supporting child’s personal and mental improvement, providing the best selection for pre-school to the university, acquiring language skills by teaching letters,words,numbers, mathematical operation and preparing for the university exam with Artifical Intelligence in Education World. Everyone who wants to be part of the final excitement and witness the future technologies can register from

Big Bang Startup Challenge which will be coordinated thirdly this year brings together the life changing enterpreneurs with investors and corporate companies under the theme of “Impact” in 23 November at Uniq Istanbul along with the life changing assertive enterpreneurs by ITU Çekirdek Early Stage Incubation Center. Everyone who wants to be part of the final excitement and witness the future technologies can register from . GOM which draws everyone’s attention with ideas by outrunning, Kartoon3D ve Ordinap qualified for semi-final by being highlight among 10 thousand enterprise at Education Sector.

GOM which is providing to design and construct 3D forms from Organic Paper Modules, supports 5 years above child’s skills at fine engine, Idea Making,Mental and Artistic Expression, color and number perception, Colloboration, Patience and Commitment. GOM is providing to raise better generation who is brave enough to has Creative Idea Development and present awareness about geometry,designs,art and “do it yourself” projects. GOM gained right to compete for “IF Social Impact Prize” In IF Design Awards and also succeed to be in the collection of IF World Design Guide,Public and “Social Impact Value”. GOM shows how to make something with imagination by using just one paper and supports child’s personal and mental development with amusing and educatory activity.

Internet Platform, which brings together Students and Teachers with private schools put an end to the confusing choices in pre-school term to the college term. provides more information about schools ,discounts in school registration for Students and Parents who remain in between lots of school choices and gives a chance Education Institutions to present themselves and provide easier access.

While playing game, Kartoon3D provides academical and cognitive development and provides better educational advantages to all kids. Kartoon3D provided in English, German and Turkish and it teaches reading and writing, mathematical operation in 3 languages with more than 2000 vocabulary with 3D animations via tablets.

Kartoon3D which improves concentration skill, memory and intelligence, is suitable for dyslexic kids.It has 120 letter,number and symbol cards with specially designed fonts. Kartoon3D presents individual and cooperated teaching place, it helps all kids in solving problems, focusing, comprehension, speaking, spatial and motor skills. Parents Guidebook is prepared by Child Development Specialists of Kartoon3D and child psychiatrists and it gives a change to play with your family in home by supporting kids academical and cognitive developments along with games.

Ordinap Mobile Education Instructor presents a teacher who can be accesible at every moment in everywhere with Artificial Intelligence Technology for the College candidates. Ordinap which collects all of the students needs in one platform, enables students to follow their success status. Students also can study in any place they wish and are helped when they struggle.

Possibility of Investment above 5 Million TL and Grant

ITU Cekirdek is the 18th Best University among Incubation Centers in worldwide and 8th in Europe. ITU Cekirdek provides big contribution to the Growth of Technology based Enterprises in Turkey. All of the Enterpreneurs who came from Turkey can change their dreams into enterprise and can have an opportunity to reach fund source via Big Bang Start-up Challange. As well as other years, It is also supported by lots of Instution and Organization this year. More than 40 Investor,14 Investor Company and Investor Networks, 10 Individual Investor which are Elginkan Charity,Istanbul Chamber Of Industry, Uludag Automotive Industry Exporter’s Association, Enerjisa, ING Bank, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey, Hepsiburada, Cardtek,Monitise will support the succesfull enterpreneurs who will impact the future. In the day of Big Bang, It is expected that more than 5 million TL will be invested and granted from these Investors and supporters.

The best 20 enterprenuer will be presenting their enterprise under the theme of “impact” while Other 90 Enterprise will meet with investors and visitors on December 23 at Uniq Istanbul. The Best succesfull Enterprises which win the prize or investment will be specially supported by ITU ARI TEKNOKENT for 1 year by attending a program of ITU Cekirdek Incubation Center.