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Defne Akademi Will Provide Experts For IT Sector

10 November 2014 - ITU SEED

Defne Telekomünikasyon, offering telecoms solutions to more than 25 mobile operators in more than 20 countries in the world, started "Defne Akademi". Defne Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. provides value-added service platforms and solutions to 500 million subscribers of more than 25 mobile operators in more than 20 countries including Turkey from Middle East to Africa and from Europe to South America.


Previously known as Defne Bilgi İşlem Ürünleri Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti now started Defne Akademi to contribute to the supply of qualified personnel for the IT sector. Defne Telekomünikasyon, with Defne Akademi aims to share its 20 years of global experience and technical acumen gained in the telecoms sector with willing university students and create joint projects with them. Defne Telekomünikasyon, acting to meet the qualified personnel requirement of the IT sector and support the education system that produces qualified personnel,  will develop a joint working model with universities to develop required software development projects with undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students studying at electronic-electric and computer engineering departments. During the project, students who work and do research at Defne Akademi will be able to present their work as thesis and internship. Defne Telekomünikasyon aims to prioritize the students that work at Defne Akademi for internship and new graduate hirings.


Defne Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. General Manager Oğuz Haliloğlu made the following assessment on this topic: "The biggest deficit in our industry is the lack of an education system to provide qualified technical personnel. We started the Defne Akademi initiation to support providing technical man power which is needed by our rapidly developing IT and communication sector. We aim to provide experience opportunity in our global software projects at least for 10 university students each year. We will work with students from all the universities in Defne Akademi program. However, as a company that benefits from the advantages of the innovative environment of ITU ARI Teknokent, we will do our first projects, with the support of ITU NOVA Technology Transfer Office, in collaboration of teaching staff and doctorate students from ITU Electric Electronic Faculty, Electronic Communication Department. As a company that exports software more than 20 countries, our expectation from the collaboration we will have with the universities in the frame of Defne Akademi is providing university students a hands-on training opportunity, becoming an intermediary to convert academic information into commercialized value and producing ready-to-use technologies to be used not only in Turkey but in the world in a more efficient and agile manner. In this way, we hope that IT sector in Turkey to stand out as a more effective player in the production and global application of the new generation technologies.