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Top 20 in the World

30 November 2015 - ITU ARI Teknokent on Media

ITU Seed was chosen Europe’s 8th and the world’s 18th best incubation center by UBI Global, an international index comparing and ranking the incubation centers of the world’s leading universities. ITU Seed, rose to the top of the index as the first incubation center from Turkey to be included in the index after an evaluation of 117 centers from Europe and 220 worldwide by independent experts. Kenan Çolpan, General Director of ITU ARI Teknokent, said “ITU Seed, operating since 2012 as a part of ITU ARI Teknokent, has provided more than 7 million TL to entrepreneurs in 3 years. ITU Seed is open to entrepreneurs of any age who have a project or technological idea that can be commercialized,” while highlighting the fact that ITU Seed is doing works way beyond an incubation center. 

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