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ISO Industrialist of the Future Award Goes to Vivosens

22 November 2015 - ITU ARI Teknokent on Media

At ITU Seed Big Bang 2015’s final, Vivosens Biosensor Project won the "Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) Industrialist of the Future Grand Prize". The project, developed by bioengineer Miray Tayfun, is a biosensor platform to change and facilitate the diagnostic process entirely with a portable measuring device and kits for diseases. Vivosens Biosensor ranked first amongst the 20 finalists of the ITU Seed Big Bang 2015 contest and won a cash prize of 260,000 TL in total from 11 institutions. Adnan Dalgakıran, Vice President of ISO Board said “As ISO, we were a mediocre institution, so we held two industrial conferences on the transformation of culture. Unfortunately Turkey is mediocre in all areas and as a country, we can only overcome this by working harder.” Bioengineer Miray Tayfun, the founder of the Vivosens Biosensor project team, said "Our project, a biosensor platform to facilitate and change the diagnostic process entirely, consists of a portable measuring device and kits for various diseases. This study will make it possible to run diagnostic procedures everywhere, without requiring a laboratory. Maybe, in 2020, we will be able to run a check-up on ourselves every morning with a drip of blood via Vivosens."

AKŞAM - November 22, 2015